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handcrafted hair products of the highest quality

Hair Underworld is dedicated to delivering handcrafted hair products of the highest quality, simplest application and solid performance. Preserving the old and new hair styling concepts from the consumer to the barbers and stylists.  

Our brands were created specifically for rockabilly hairstyles and punk culture. The products were so well designed that they are now also being used by editorial stylists throughout the world. We believe that our products fit the needs of the car, street and barber cultures, as well as the salon market.



rockabilly hairstyles and the punk culture

We are growing! We have assembled a diverse team in Detroit to expand our products to more people. We have added a marketing director, operations manager, art director and sales executives.

TracyJ, owner and CEO, is assembling teams of artists, barbers and stylists to produce instructional videos, promote pop up shows and demo events.

Want to get involved? Visit our Brand Ambassadors page.

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the faces of our two lines: cock grease and eddy's de luxe

The faces of our two lines, Cock Grease and Eddy’s De Luxe, will always be our core base of customers. They have been with us from the beginning with Rea and are the people we the have the most fun with. Simply put, they are not only our customers, they are friends.

We retained many of the original Cock Grease people from artists to consultants to keep our product consistent and the culture pure. We look forward to bringing you the highest quality products that work beyond expectation and fulfill all of your everyday styling needs.