product faq

Can I wash your products out of my hair? Do I need a special shampoo?

Yes, our products will wash out of your hair with shampoo. Our water-based pomades, like XXX or Royal will wash out after 1 cleaning. For our strongest wax, the Big Black, will be totally removed after 2 or 3 cleanings. You can use any shampoo to remove our pomades. For our strongest pomades, you can add a drop of dish-soap to your shampoo, an old barber’s secret.

"The Devil’s Horns" Uses Cock Grease XXX & 2X

Breakdown a 2X in your hands, add a scoop of XXX, and apply to your hair. Comb through for even coating and brush hair at your temples into points. To finish, leave a single finger-curl down the center of your brow.

I want strong hold with a shiny finish but your 2X says it has a matte finish. Can I mix your products?
Of course! You can cocktail any of our products to achieve a tailored style. For example, you could mix our No-X with the 2X or Big Black to achieve strong hold with a shine.

Can you mix the water-based and oil-based pomades too?
Our water-based products can mix with our wax-based pomades for very desirable effects. We recommend you apply water-based first and the oil-based on top. This avoids the build-up and makes it wash out easy. Alternatively, you can mix both in your hands for better forming and added flexibility.

I have curly hair, how do I use your products?
For curly hair, you have a some options. You can use our water-based pomades to keep your hair from frizzing while maintaining your curls or blow-dry after applying to keep it straight. For longer, bouncy curls, comb damp hair with small tooth in sections, bottom to top, and let it dry/curl on its own. On dry hair, you can use our oil-based pomades to hold finger waves and straightened blow outs. You can even use our No-X to add shine.