Eddy's De Luxe Crown

Eddy's De Luxe Crown

from 8.95

Sizes Available: 4 fl oz, 2 fl oz

Eddy's De Lux Crown Pomade is extra slick and shiny, it is great for soft hair, business looks or wet hairdos. 

  • Light Hold

  • High Shine

  • Sweet, Buttery Scent

  • Oil based

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Eddy's De Luxe Crown Pomade

Style with flex and shine

Eddy’s De Luxe Crown pomade is best for those who want style with a lot of flexibility and shine. Use alone or cocktail with a stronger hold for wilder hairdos.

How to Apply

Breakdown a finger-nail sized dab in the palms of your hands. Comb through dry or barely damp hair to evenly distribute. Mold into desired shape. Blow Dry optional.


Petrolatum, microcrystalline wax, coconut oil, color, & scent.

Product Spotlight

Eddy's De Luxe Crown Pomade is great for hair of all types. Use after blowing dry for added shine and to avoid frizz. Recommended hairstyles: Bobs, Straight Parts and Soft Pompadours