Cock Grease No-X

Cock Grease No-X

from 8.95

Sizes Available: 6 fl oz, 4 fl oz, 2 fl oz

Extra slick and shiny, Cock Grease No-X pomade is great for soft hair, business looks, or wet do’s. 

  • No hold
  • High Shine
  • Sweet Scent
  • Oil based
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Cock Grease No-X Extra Slick

No hold with a high shine

Cock Grease No-X is perfect to mix with our other pomades and waxes to add shine without extra hold.

How to Apply

Breakdown a finger-nail sized dab in the palms of your hands. Comb through dry or barely damp hair to evenly distribute. Mold into desired shape. Blow Dry optional.


Petrolatum, mineral oil, color, & scent.

Product Spotlight

Cock Grease No-X pomade is great for hair of all types. Use after blowing dry for added shine and to avoid frizz. Recommended hairstyles include Slick Backs, Neat Parts, and Wet Looks.