Cock Grease XX

Cock Grease XX

from 8.95

Sizes Available: 6 fl oz, 4 fl oz, 2 fl oz

Keep your hair exxtra stiff! Cock Grease XX will keep your hairstyle in place and last all day and night. 

  • Medium Hold
  • No Shine
  • Spicy Scent
  • Oil based
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Cock Grease Extra Stiff 

Keep it up all day

Use Cock Grease XX for stronger hold and accessible handling, every day. Combine with our hair dressings for more shine or layer on top of our water based pomades for better control that comes out easy.

How to Apply

Breakdown a finger-nail sized dab in the palms of your hands. Comb through dry or barely damp hair to evenly distribute. Mold into desired shape. Blow Dry optional.


Petrolatum, Beeswax, Microcrystalline Wax, Coconut oil, color, & scent.


Product Spotlight

Cock Grease XX pomade is ideal for all hair types. Use after blowing dry for added hold and to avoid frizz. Recommended hairstyles include Pixie Cuts, Spikes, and Hard Pompadours.