Cock Grease Mustache Wax

Cock Grease Mustache Wax


1 fl oz

Keep a stiff upper lift with a touch of softness using Cock Grease Mustache Wax. It’s made to keep your lip fur twisted and where you want it. 

  • No Hold
  • Light Shine
  • Light Scent
  • Oil Based
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Cock Grease Mustache Wax 

For mustaches thick and thin

Condition your mustache and keep it in place with Cock Grease Mustache Wax!

How to Apply

Breakdown a small amount with your fingertips or use a hair dryer to heat up the wax to make it more manageable. Once on your fingers, rub the wax together to warm and start to apply it from the center of your mustache to the edges. Twist optional.


Petrolatum, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and gum arabic.


Product Spotlight

Cock Grease Mustache Wax can be used for various mustaches such as the Handlebar, Dali Twist, the Chevron or the Lampshade.